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Our Portfolio: We are proud to call the following organizations and individuals our clients

 Thank you for your continuous trust and confidence in SJF Group!


This is an excerpt of testimonials we got:

“My experience with Sharon J. Fraenkel and the SJF Group has been absolutely wonderful. Sharon brings an innovative approach to the project, looking at the overall goal in unique and original ways, all while maintaining the integrity and objective of the task at hand. He is a talented and creative marketer, and his creativity, dedication and passion to the project make him a true asset to any team and a great collaborator. His attention to detail and his focus on the success of the project make everyone on the team feel that no goal is unobtainable, and that all objectives will be achieved!”

Gilda Abdulezer, Experience GSA

“I have to congratulate Sharon for his Career Path due to his professionalism since he joined the Industry. He is a goals oriented very organized professional with strong negotiation skills. It is clear that Sharon is a genuine, passionate person with real dedication to his clients and his career.

His creativity and attention to details makes him a great partner to do business with. Sharon’s experience and expertise are his main assets and will undoubtedly be of great value with any company.”

Ivan P. Lebrun – General Manager, Warwick International Hotels

“I was very fortunate to work along side Sharon for almost a decade. He is a great leader and is truly passionate about every project he is a part of. His ability to envision the final product drives his clients to success every time.”

Shanna Parisien – Manager, Events at Concordia University

“Sharon is a dedicated professional who is a natural and authentic leader. He is passionate about all that he does, and cares deeply about those he works with; his commitment is second to none. His attention to detail and focus is unparalleled, as is his high energy and drive. Sharon is the kind of man who goes above and beyond to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential, and with him at the helm they consistently do. Any event he touches becomes magical!”

Sari Roston – Event Coordinator, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating on numerous initiatives regarding Concordia and its alumni over the last six years at Concordia.

Sharon has demonstrated great leadership and adaptability as Director, Alumni Relations, Events and Sponsorships, under various transitional periods at Concordia.

If you are looking for a collaborator who excels in fostering teamwork, who takes accountability for his responsibilities, who strives for excellence and most importantly who deals with others with a high level of integrity and respect, I believe you will find these qualities in Sharon.”

Philippe Pourreaux – Manager, Business Analysis at Rio Tinto Alcan

“Mr. Fraenkel was a pleasure to work with. Our event had potential stress and complexity written all over it. Mr. Fraenkel performed flawlessly, and the results were superb. If Mr. Fraenkel was to return to private event planning, i would certainly consult with him again.”

Jack Dym – President, Pipe & Piling Supplies Ltd.

“I had the pleasure of working with Sharon at Concordia University. He is detail oriented and a true professional. He is creative and will find a solution to whatever challenge is placed before him.”

Simon Bensimon – Executive Director, Eastern Region at Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University

“I had the opportunity to work with Sharon while he was at Concordia University. In addition to being very professional and creative, he has a wonderful disposition. He was so easy to work with…always a pleasure. H”

Hala Bissada – President & CEO, Hala Events & Communications Inc.

“Sharon is a dedicated and professional event planner. Capable to manage large or small engagements. Event planning and operations are all handled professionally with the emphasis on excellence as to details. If you have any corporate or personal event requiring A-Z planning and kick off, I would recommend Sharon and his team to get you from idea to market and event. He’s the best and been in the business for a long time.”

Aldo Rabih CPA, Can. CPA, GCMA – Senior Project Manager at AXIA Consulting, LLC

“I am privileged to have worked with Sharon. He was a great director and valuable mentor. He is dedicated to what he does, shows great leadership, and is able to visualize each event with detail.”

Allison Waldman – Event Coordinator, Concordia University

“I have known Sharon for many years and he is a very dedicated and hard working professional. He is energetic, creative and enthusiastic about every project he takes on.”

Pam Litman – Fundraising Consultant

“Having had the pleasure of working closely with Sharon, simply put – he is wonderful at what he does. His work is his pasion and, as such, he consistently gets the job done with an unparalelled passion and zest. He is professional, efficient and resourceful and I am pleased to recommend him!”

Steve Merling – Chief Events Officer (C.E.O.) at The Eventure Group

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Our mandates are more than just event production – An event needs heart and soul, and the SJF Group is exactly that for your event. Corporate, charity, social events, meetings, conferences, product launches, your event is a milestone and we will create an affair to remember.  It’s the little things that make a big difference when planning and producing an unforgettable experience.  No detail is too insignificant for us to attend to and every element of your event is tailored to your specific desires and necessities. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Additional Services

Hospitality Consulting

We advise hotel and restaurant owners, reception hall operators, club management, and other professionals in the hospitality industry on a broad category of services including, design, conceptualization and front- and back of the house operational efficiencies. Our Destination Management Services specialists possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

Event Strategy & Program Development

We research the competitive and local community calendars, then work with you or your team to craft the concept or program that is perfectly positioned to succeed. Our creative team will handle critical path and time-line creation, theme development, event design, management and production, risk management, 

Location Scouting & Venue Selection

Our team will scout the best locations and most suitable venues, ensuring your event, meeting or conference are held in an optimal locale, providing the necessary requirements and flexibility. Indoors or outdoors, it is sure to be an amazing and unforgettable time. We’ll handle all site visits, space evaluations, contract negotiations and any other special requirements.

Vendor Selection & Vendor Management

We work only with the most professional, highest-quality and carefully vetted suppliers and vendors. We will select the partners who can provide the right services at the right prices.

Comprehensive Event Budgeting/Budget Development/Financial Administration

Put your mind at ease knowing that the back-end details are all taken care of; we will handle the creation of a budget, manage its details, control ongoing updates and all post-event reconciliations.

Logistics & On-site Management

From pre-event vendor coordination to all on-site logistics and staffing, our team will ensure seamless operation and execution, proving you and your guests with an unforgettable experience.

List Management & Registration

We know that an event is only as good as the quality of the people who attend. Our top-notch list management professionals will ensure that your event is not only fully attended—but that the right people are in the room.

We recognize the importance of aggregating event-related data; consistent technology deployment and data capture will be an imperative part. Key demographic, economic and behavioural attendances data will become pivotal drivers for our client’s future and long-term successes.

We will handle all aspects of registration, pre- and onsite, so you can be at ease, taking care of your guests

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