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Our philosophy

Primarily an events firm, SJF Group offers bold and creative turn-key solutions to clients seeking to make the right statement – Hospitality, Events, Marketing & Communications . No matter the clients’ wishes or needs, SJF Group will craft the ultimate to make the necessary impact.

From conceptualization to strategic planning through to execution, SJF Group’s commitment to deliver projects on time and within budget makes this firm a wise choice for any client.

With an eye to the bottom line, market share and positioning, SJF Group works hand-in-hand with its clients, extending their influence to maximize opportunities. Unlike others, this firm understands the importance of aggregating data, which are pivotal drivers for future projects, events, and long-term success.

SJF Group fearlessly executes any project, large or small, with the same level of dedication and passion, and its unique value is delivered through Sharon J. Fraenkel’s attitude that “going above and beyond is the new standard”.

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About us

Thank you for visiting SJF Group and considering us for your next hospitality, events, fundraising, marketing and communications or volunteer management needs. We are a full-service, turn-key solutions firm providing unparalleled service, taking a streamlined and focused approach. We are proud to call some of the most talented and experienced event, fundraising and marketing professionals our partners.

We thrive from the learning and growth we bring to, and receive from, our clients and every project we are mandated with. Working with accomplished team members and partners nationwide, we can quickly scale to a wide range of client wishes and needs.

Size does not matter – we execute every project with the same level of expertise, passion and commitment. Going above and beyond is the new standard, and how we bring excellence unequaled service and value to our projects, managing every detail and ensuring deadlines and budgets are met.

You won’t find partners more invested in your success than us. Depending on your needs, we can provide a fully produced event, with all whistles and bells, or we can plug into your internal team to supply the complementary set of specific services and skills you need to reach your goals.

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